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Ultimate trading security as if trading in our data centre connected directly to our trading engine. Trading floor 2.0

USB with encrypted Fincor software

Download to your USB or order custom USB key from us

USB content decrypts directly on your RAM memory

No one has successfully hacked RAM memory so far, so it doesn't matter how infected your computer is

Connection to the server under 3-layer encryption

You are connected directly to your environment on Fincor server

Don't believe it?
Experience it yourself.

Request "Secure Access" for your Fincor exchange account.
Follow the instructions below.

To experience the brilliance of our security solutions, please use the worst, virus-infected computer you can find. Don't have one? Use any old PC which is only collecting dust in the drawer.

Buy some cheap USB stick from the local store. 2 GB is enough, as long as it's brand new. USB can't have been used before.

Request "Secure Access" for your account on Fincor "Settings" page. Download our encrypted security software on your shiny new USB. Please use some cheap stuff. Seriously, don't waste your money. It's only an experiment after all.

Install the downloaded software on your new USB. Just in case you decide to use an older USB, please note that all contained files and data will be automatically formatted.

Plug USB with our software to the computer. Yes, that once-forgotten PC you rescued for our little experiment. And we're thankful for that. Seriously.

Computer must be turned off. If you plugged the stick in the working PC, please restart it.

As the computer restarts, please call out the "Boot" menu by pressing the hotkey and selecting FINCOR EXCHANGE USB stick. The hotkey is specific to your PC manufacturer. A detailed list can be found . Please note, “boot from USB” should be enabled in your PC’S BIOS for this to work.

USB content automatically decrypts on your RAM and checks for the internet connection. If broadband connection is not found, the system asks you to select and connect to the particular WiFi.

Once WiFi is connected, the system establishes a 3-layer encrypted connection to the Fincor server and our login window apprears. Please provide your email and password used for the Fincor exchange.

Once the correct logins are provided, the system grants you access to your dedicated environment, directly on the Fincor server. Connection to the server is secured with a 3-layer connection encryption protocol.

Watch the magic unfold. You are now as secure as if trading in our data centre connected directly to our trading server. No computer (except for RAM) and no browser is needed. So, no way to be hacked.

Fincor hybrid (hardware + software) security solution is optional and available for all of our users.

Request "Secure Access" for your Fincor account

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We also employ the long list of additional cybersecurity measures

Two-factor authentication

Setup 2FA approvals for all key actions on the Fincor exchange and financial services platform: login (mandatory), order submission (optional) and currency withdrawal (optional).

Encrypted communication

The TLS1.2 cryptographic protocol raises the security of the communication between Fincor UI and the backend.

Micro Wallet structure

Assets are split among various online wallets, thus keeping the capital available in each wallet under a predetermined threshold and effectively limiting the value of each hot wallet.

Offline vaults

98% of the funds are kept in offline vaults. Online wallets are only funded via offline procedures with our proprietary semi-automated consensus mechanism ensuring the process is not subject to insider threats or manipulation.

Insider threats prevention

Highly segregated logs structure ensures record and operational security, together with a tightly controlled internal access structure.

Work environment protection

Routine security audits will be used to eliminate all security risks, including the security flaws of the periphery IoT devices. Be it a Bluetooth keyboard or a smart thermostat.

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