Fincor blockchain offers sophisticated security solutions that have a positive impact on the fight against DDoS attacks, poorly written codes, double spending and other problems. We've been working on our native security solution in parallel to our ecosystem functionality.
Fincor blockchain comes with an in-built security mechanism that continuously checks and predicts vulnerabilities that could affect the system or be exploited by third parties. Thanks to our multi-pooling mechanics that conduct real-time system audits against various flaws, our system is bullet-proof against consensus-level attacks.
In addition, our integrated AI-powered mechanisms help us to predict potential issues and take timely actions on the system before such vulnerabilities can arise. Taking autonomous security-related consensus-level decisions, the Fincor system makes itself one of the most secure blockchains out there.
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The role of miners in blockchain security
Each group strives for an agreement that is in the best interests of the group. Everyone should work as a team putting their own interests aside. The consensus mechanism in the network allows the network members to agree on the current state of the transaction history.

Equal rights

Each participant has the same voting rights. This means that everyone's voice is equally important.

Building consensus

On Fincor, whenever the transaction occurs, it is being verified in the power pool where the transaction is being mined/verified by multiple operators and audit nodes help in verifying whether the operations were performed properly or not.

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