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mining controls

Mining support

Users of Fincor OS can run the mining node by using their hardware and network resources – contributing to the successful operations of the network. The mining functionality allows the users to use their GPU to mine blocks and earn rewards. Users can also control their resources from the OS.

Mining is a process in which computer processing power is used to group new data (e.g., information on a new transaction) into a block and then send it to the rest of the network for verification.

Mining controls include the capability to manage the resource usage for the node running the mining operations directly through an OS.

multi-currency support

Multi-currency support

Fincor desktop wallet is the first of its kind completely decentralized multi-currency digital asset wallet. It's a fast, low-cost wallet that can be used to store and manage popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) as well as Fincor coin (FNR) and assets built on the Fincor blockchain.
With multi-currency support on the Fincor desktop app, users can store all assets supported by the PoU protocol that are built on the PoU protocol or another compatible consensus. With a multi-currency wallet, users will be able to make cross-chain transactions with ease and without any centralized authority.

multicurrency accounts

Staking support

Staking support provides users the ability to stake their coins on the network just like any PoS-based blockchain does.
Users can choose their respective validator on the network and stake their coins.


DeFi platform on OS will allow users to run interoperable DeFi services on the Fincor OS. Using the multi-currency wallet, users can even carry out the interoperability with the DeFi services provided by Fincor OS.



Multi-chain support allows users to interact with other channels running on the PoU protocol in order to connect to a network of their choice.

Cross-chain support

Cross-chain support gives users the capability to carry out cross-chain transactions directly from their wallets and does not require them to utilize any centralized authority.

Inter-chain support

Inter-chain support gives users the ability to carry out transactions among all the networks running on the PoU protocol without compromising security and speed.

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