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Crypto exchange with fiat, gold, margin, and futures trading. Crypto vaults for institutional and private customers. Next-generation blockchain and worldwide payments.

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The long-awaited blockchain-based ecosystem for sophisticated crypto trading, next-generation financial operations and scalable IoT solutions

Smart exchange for crypto/fiat/gold trading

AI-powered crypto exchange, coupled with options for crypto/fiat and crypto/gold trading. With up to 10.000.000 transactions per second, FINCOR offers extended trading opportunities as well as military-grade security.

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Radical new approach to security

With our "Secure Access" technology, we bring the military-level security to the masses. We won't tell you more. You know, for security reasons, however we invite you to experience it for yourself.

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Self-learning AI-powered trading system

We use proven, hard data as well as best and worst case analysis in order to continuously train our own advanced Artificial Intelligence system to recognize and execute the best possible crypto/crypto and crypto/fiat trading strategies.

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Next generation blockchain

Based on the Federated Byzantine Agreement mechanism and supplemented by sharding technology, our blockchain will offer near real-time costless* transactions. The blockchain is built for mass adoption with easy-to-use and execute smart contract templates and user-friendly interfaces.

* target average transaction price is 0.00001 FNR

Unprecedent range of investment tools

Cryptocurrency futures and margin trading, investment trusts and funds, institutional and family vaults with multi-user accounts and individual transaction limits, Over-The-Counter (OTC) trading and other investment instruments for both institutional and individual clients.

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Payment cards and mobile payments

Investors also want to use their crypto profits in real life. We will provide an option of linking Fincor fiat IBAN accounts with EVM (Europay + MasterCard + VISA) standard payment cards, as well as mobile apps for contactless payments based on Near-Field Communication (NFC) protocols.

We know how to build scalable financial solutions

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Unparalleled customer services

Having spent 20+ years in the banking industry we know that excellent customer service is essential in driving financial services business growth, client loyalty and cross-selling of services. We put extreme emphasis on superior customer service quality, offering 24/7 customer support as well as private managers for our corporate clients.

Deeply integrated into the current financial ecosystem

From the ground up, Fincor is built for seamless integration with the traditional financial system. We are the missing link between blockchain technologies and conventional finance, which is so emphasized by current blockchain projects but doesn't provide any value to the financial system as a whole. With our SEPA integrations, we'll ensure frictionless money movement between traditional financial infrastructure and Fincor blockchain-based financial services.

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Fincor roadmap

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2017 4QExchangedevelopment started2018 3QExchange alphaversion launched2018 4QSecure accesstechnology deployed2019 4QFinance sourcingactivities to fund furtherproject development2020 1QElectronic money institution licenseTrading engine finished, fullcentralised exchange release2020 2QAI engine deployed for AI-assisted tradingOTC tradingCrypto asset insurance2020 3QMultisignature institutionaland family vaults2020 4QFiat payment cards and lightningfast European payments (SEPA)Artificial intelligence for Antimoney Laundering (AML) andKnow your customer (KYC)Communication tools for tradersin the exchangeExchange mobile (iOS and Android)applications2021 1QSmart Letters of CreditFully functional electronic moneyinstitutionTrading futures, Margintrading, Gold tradingCrypto backed P2P lendingInvestment trusts/fundsFutures and margin trading2021 2QNative blockchainDecentralized exchange platformFast, scalable, secure and costefficient environment for smartcontract based micropaymentand third party dApps2021 4QVirtual realitymodule

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