Fincor desktop software is a universal software that you can use to:

Manage your cryptocurrencies
Earn by allocating resources
Trade cryptocurrencies
Store files on the blockchain
Interact with smart contracts
Use decentralized applications
Stake FNR and earn
Multi-currency wallet
Fincor desktop wallet is the first of its kind completely decentralized multi-currency digital asset wallet. It is a fast, low-cost wallet that can be used to store and manage popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), as well as Fincor coin (FNR) and assets built on the Fincor blockchain.
With multi-currency support on Fincor desktop app, users can store all the supported assets on the PoU protocol (regardless whether they are built on the PoU protocol or on another compatible consensus). With a multi-currency wallet users will be able to carry out cross-chain transactions with ease and without any centralized authority.
Decentralized exchange
Fincor’s breakthrough in blockchain technology has enabled the creation of the first truly interoperable decentralized exchange (DEX). Fincor’s DEX lets users trade all of the most popular cryptocurrencies directly between one another while staying in full control of their assets and enjoy the benefits of security and low fees. Fincor DEX will be an interoperable DEX allowing cross-chain transactions on-chain without the need for a centralized authority such as offline transactions or Layer-2 swap.
Earn FNR with your device!
Fincor desktop software gives you an opportunity to use your device’s computational power, storage space and network’s speed to earn FNR. 70 to 90 percent of households in developed countries and nearly 50 percent worldwide have a computer at their home. We use them to study, to work and to relax and enjoy the entertainment they can bring. However, while we are not using them, they sit idle, bringing no benefit. Those are a lot of wasted resources, but Fincor can change that. All you have to do is download the application, install it and create a wallet. You can allocate resources to the application, and you will be rewarded with Fincor coins (FNR) in return. The rewards are distributed fairly by judging your device’s performance and contribution to the network. Earned FNR will be automatically transferred to your wallet and can be used immediately without any lock-up periods. Don’t let your device’s excess power, storage space or network bandwidth go to waste, allocate a portion of it to the Fincor network and earn while you sleep!
Decentralized applications
Identity management, decentralized blogging and social media, NFTs, crowdfunding and many more – all decentralized applications (dApps) built on Fincor blockchain are available in one place: through the Fincor desktop software.
Fincor blockchain is the first blockchain ever to support both mining and staking. Now users can allocate their device computing power, disk space and network speed as well as stake FNR to earn rewards. The staking mechanism works similarly to PoS or its variations. The staking model is the practical representation of PoS compatibility on the PoU protocol.
Ledger support
A ledger is a cryptocurrency wallet that stores user’s private keys in a completely secure offline hardware device. To further improve the security of your digital assets, Fincor desktop software supports connectivity with ledger wallets. The ledger support will give users access to store/access any assets supported on the PoU protocol and sign cross-chain or clustered transactions on the Fincor chain.
Wallet extension
Fincor web-wallet extension is a Chrome-supported wallet extension which will allow you to store and access your wallet directly from your web browser. The extension will also include the feature of multi-currency support, as well as allow users to store EVM assets and carry out cross-chain transactions. Users will also be able to store Fincor-supported custom and eligible assets.
EVM support
Fincor will include EVM support which will enable users to interact with Ethereum standards. This support will include a Layer-1 compatibility and will allow users to write/interact with Ethereum standardized contracts using Fincor network on the PoU protocol. The support will also include an Ethereum one-way HEX address generation and Web3.js standards.
Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
Fincor is the best solution for Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), the main vector of the technological development of central banks around the world. Today this trend opens up new opportunities for fintech companies. CBDC – digital money that is issued by a central bank and that is legal tender on the territory of a particular country, operating using DLT technologies. In other words, this is the third digital form of money that can be used along with banknotes and cashless payments. This trend suggests that blockchain is a mature enough technology for issuing state digital currencies.
Smart contract
A smart contract is a blockchain-based program that fixates the terms of an agreement between two or more parties and automatically executes agreed actions once all parties fulfill their obligations.
Fincor users will be able to easily create smart contracts at an ultra-low cost and with no need for any programming or other technical skills. They will also be able to easily transfer their smart contracts issued on the Ethereum blockchain to the Fincor network.
Create tokens – an equivalent of stock on the stock exchange using the Fincor ecosystem. Use tokens in all kinds of IT projects to attract funding to IT start-ups as part of the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) procedure, as well as lend and monetize additional services for IT project participants.
Build an automated AI-driven venture fund based on blockchain and smart contract systems. Using the platform, you can vote for certain projects looking for investors.
The system is autonomous enough to decide about securing, improving and interfacing other systems. Fincor can satisfy most, if not all needs of the ecosystem users.
DeFi is a set of financial instruments that are built on a blockchain and come in the form of a service or an application. The main purpose of decentralized financial services is to be an alternative to traditional banking services and replace technologies of the current financial system with open-source protocols.
Fincor users will have the ability to launch and manage DeFi services that will be compatible with different consensus (PoW, PoS, DPoS, pBFT) networks. Users will also be able to transfer DeFi services from other consensus networks to Fincor. Thanks to the ultra-scalable, ultra-fast and ultra-cheap Fincor network, the cost of DeFi services for end-users will be low thus increasing potential profits of such services as the network’s community keeps growing.