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Fincor Exchange

High-speed trading coupled with a radical new approach to security

High speed transactions

10.000.000 transactions per second is an impressive number. However, for Fincor this is just the start. Our focus is to provide frictionless trading experience and ensure unparalleled liquidity for any asset.

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Military-grade security

Security. We can't stop thinking about it. Our unique "Secure Access" technology offers you a security level, usually only provided by trusted financial institutions.

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AI-enhanced insights

It's no secret that machines can process significantly more information than any human can. To assist traders in their decision-making process, our AI-assistant analyzes vast amounts of information, ranging from the current market signals to historical asset performances to (market) news.

Fiat gateway

Money needs to move freely — in any form – digital assets or good old cash. Being part of the SEPA payment system, we provide fiat (EUR) gateway access to all of our users.

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