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Crypto exchange is only a start. Blockchain enables to leverage technological and financial opportunities and build more powerfull financial services.

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Crypto, fiat, gold, margin, futures trading

Existing crypto exchanges offer limited trading options. Having launched similar services for traditional banking customers, we know the importance of introducing more freedom for users in terms of diversified trading options. Besides crypto/crypto trading, Fincor will also provide crypto/fiat and crypto/gold trading. Also, for those wishing to diversify their investment instruments, we will offer crypto/fiat and crypto/crypto margin trading, as well as crypto/fiat and crypto/crypto futures trading.

Crypto-backed P2P lending

The peer-to-peer lending market is expected to grow from $26b in 2015 to almost $900b by 2024. Fincor's P2P cryptocurrency-backed lending platform will offer lenders and borrowers unique functionalities. Lenders will have to their disposal AI enhanced automated checks of borrowers backgrounds. For borrowers, there will be no cap to the amount, other than the willingness of the crowd of lenders. Fiat and other lending options are also planned!

Investment trusts and vaults

Following relevant regulatory approvals, our crypto investment trusts/funds will offer possibilities for our clients to invest in cryptocurrencies and tokens of various capitalizations and sectors. Fincor customers will also have an opportunity to create and use Institutional and Family vaults – multisignature (multisig) accounts which will ensure that multiple parties within an organization will have control over the trading of their crypto assets.

Smart letters of credit

Forget complicated and expensive bank services, which take months to execute. With Fincor, global trading of goods will shift to smart letters of credit which eliminates unnecessary and costly intermediaries. No trust issues, no human factor, no middlemen, no sky-high fees.

Payment cards and mobile payments

Investors also want to use their crypto profits in real life. We will provide an option of linking Fincor fiat IBAN accounts with EVM (Europay + MasterCard + VISA) standard payment cards, as well as mobile apps for contactless payments based on Near-Field Communication (NFC) protocols.

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