What is DeFi?

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DeFi is a decentralized global financial system – an alternative to the old financial infrastructure. Get access to the Global financial markets and control your money with DeFi.

Anyone with an Internet connection can unlock DeFi financial services. This lets you borrow, trade, save, invest and more.

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How Fincor empowers DeFi


Use the Fincor blockchain for lending or borrowing digital assets, hedging and creating fast, secure and cheap solutions. Connect to a decentralized app to leverage sophisticated smart contracts, packages, and other features in our ecosystem.

Store of value

Use a decentralized ledger to store your digital assets. The digital currency is free from any central authority.

Digital currency

Fincor prides itself on honesty and transparency. Users can utilize the best protocol for digital currency projects, they can sell and buy digital assets, lend and exchange cryptocurrency, be part of crowdfunding projects and more. Users don’t need third-party permission to manage their assets.

PoU consensus

The PoU protocol is an AI-based Fincor consensus algorithm empowering PoW, PoS, DPoS, and pBFT-based blockchain compatibility with Fincor. PoU is an autonomous protocol with AI mechanisms and a multi-pooling approach enabling to reach consensus and run the secure, scalable, fully decentralized and interoperable blockchain. Thanks to its efficient resource management and decision-making algorithm, PoU also allows any commercially available system to be utilized in order to run the blockchain.

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Decentralization is a distinctive feature of the Fincor blockchain if compared to traditional systems – Fincor achieved complete decentralization. This allows users to trade crypto assets with high security and low fees. At the same time, you will have complete control over your assets.

One-click smart contract


Create a smart contract in just a few minutes


Anyone can create digital assets


Using the Fincor blockchain you can create any project without in-depth technical skills

Endless possibilities

Create a token for yourself or your community and start generating rewards from your projects


Use a fully-secured ecosystem and completely control your assets


Fincor is one of the fastest blockchains available – transact on Fincor in a flash.